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As a busy person you understand the demands of the real world. The increasing demands placed on us personally and professionally affect our health and our business. What makes some people focus and perform better under pressure while others struggle? The answer is Resilience. This does not mean being hard. Resilience is a measure of your subconscious flexibility and also what practical and psychological coping mechanisms you have access to.

Training Aims:

  • This unique practical training experience will transfer that knowledge to you so you can perform to your full ability each day equipped with the tools and techniques to reduce stress.
  • The aim of the training is to enable you to understand stress and how you personally react to it. The primary aim of the course is to put you in control of your stress response.
  • In order to be able to control your personal reaction you must first be mindful of it and then be able to “feel” that you can control it. That is the purpose of the CD that each person will receive at the end of the course.


Module 1

  • What stress actually is
  • How the mind and body reacts to stress
  • How your mind works
  • The affects stress has on the body
  • The flight of flight reaction
  • Common coping mechanisms

Module 2

  • The general adaption syndrome
  • How pressure turns to stress
  • How stress reduces performance
  • The main areas of stress management
  • Complete a personal stress audit, swot analysis and stress diary

Module 3

  • How to cope with work overload
  • Time management tips
  • How to work with powerful people
  • How to deliver bad news
  • Co-worker and team stress
  • Performance stress
  • Environmental stress

Module 4

  • Awareness and positive thinking
  • The power of thought
  • Emotions and what they mean
  • How to manage emotions
  • Chemical stress



Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Increased Clarity and Focus

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Lower Absenteeism

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Higher  productivity

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Increased Energy

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Happier at home and at work

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Richard is a personal performance specialist and Ireland’s leading specialist in personal and work related stress.

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