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Resilience Matters is NOT a general training provider, we are not a jack of all trades. We are Ireland’s leading specialists in Personal and Organisational stress and performance.

Some companies use our training services only and do not avail of the work place audit or personal one on one’s. That’s ok.

Our interventions span from a 1 hour talk at conference’ to a full business stress audit, training and personal one on ones. Our job is to provide the solutions for your problems, big or small.

All our work-shops are 1 day events. That’s what the market wants.

However due to the complexity of some of the topics they can and are run also over 2 days.


Do something different! Our Unique Propositions

  • The only courses designed and delivered by a practicing analytical psychoanalyst who also has 20 years direct business experience working as an MBA qualified manager.
  • The only courses that are delivered by a trainer who can perform a stress audit of your business in line with the Health and Safety Authorities standards.
  • The only courses that provides deep relaxation CD’s produced by the same trainer at his private clinic.
  • The only courses that combine the real world of business with deep psychological understanding
  • The only courses that offers all participant’s access to our private clinic or access to private one on one’s @ Work. This facilitates a one on one follow up service if required by your employees.


Our Training Approach

Training Centred 35%

Trainer directs, facilitates and supports the learning process, flip charts , powerpoint , videos etc.

Learner Centred 65%

The learner engages in small/large group discussions, brainstorming, case study work, simulation, exercises and question/answer sessions. Learners are encouraged to integrate and apply their own field of expertise (transferable skills) into the training. Learners are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the training and to evaluate and reflect on the experience. Experiential learning is encouraged by the trainer so that learners gain a ‘feel’ for what the real life situation will be like.

Our courses are purposely designed to be leaner centred. The aim is not to deliver an acedemic lecture but to faciliate a personal experience for each learner.


Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Increased Clarity and Focus

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Lower Absenteeism

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Higher  productivity

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Increased Energy

Benefits of a Workplace Stress Management - Happier at home and at work

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About Resilience Matters

Richard is a personal performance specialist and Ireland’s leading specialist in personal and work related stress.

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