Employee Stress Management Facilitation

This is the third part of the system. It can be incorporated as part of your employee assistance programme.

What does this entail ?

This is totally private one-on-one guidance for individuals who want to avail of it. It can range from a short results-focussed intervention so a person can exercise greater control over their own specific stress response and triggers, to a full analysis of deeper issues.

This work is carried out in a clinical setting at Safe Harbour Clinic in Waterford.

Your organisation can make this resource available to employees for a host of other issues for example, simple issues like smoking cessation, weight loss, fear of public speaking, phobias, nail biting, creativity; to more complex issues like eating disorders, concentration, emotional problems, nightmares, insomnia, IBS, OCD, panic attacks, abuse, guilt, shyness, shame, alcohol and drug issues.

Safe Harbour provides a personal, professional and ethical service to its clients. The clinic’s consistent results are based on its use of psychotherapy through hypnosis dealing with a host of issues where psychological forces are involved